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Agnieszka Dubowska

My name is Agnieszka Dubowska. I design, measure, knit, wash, sew, pack and ship all sweaters by boWOOLę. I also do my best to keep all my customers happy and provide excellent customer service.

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boWOOLę thinks about nature

I value nature and offer sweaters made in as sustainable, ethic and healthy way as possible. Carefully made selection of 100% natural yarns, based on years of experience, ensures welfare of animals and workers in the whole chain of production. Sweater from boWOOLę gives you not only unique piece of wardrobe but also helps you take care of Earth. And here’s how:

Before you buy

  • nobody suffers – animals grow up on happy farms and every person in a chain production of yarn works in ethical way, confirmed by certificates
  • everybody who is involved cares about Earth, water resources and natural environment

While you're buying

  • sweater tailored to your dreams minimizes the risk of dissatisfaction and returns
  • sweater is made to your order so there’s no overproduction
  • I ship your sweater without plastic, walking to post office instead of using a car
  • you support local polish business

After you purchase

  • you limit consumerism because you enjoy your sweater for years so there’s no needs to buy too much too often
  • you don’t hurt your skin with any harmful chemicals like dyes, because wool is made following European guides for safety
  • you don’t put any micro plastic in to the water while washing because yarn contains only natural fibres
  • you don’t waste water for washing because you wash your sweater max once a year, you use wind and cold instead to let wool cleans itself

Certified wool

You spend your money once for many years. I am aware this responsibility and I offer you only the best selection of yarn. All of my products are made of the high quality wool. I use 100% natural yarns, dyed in safe way following European standards. You won’t find any synthetic fabrics in boWOOLę. I source only certified wool. 

I am happy to commit to source 100% of my mohair from RMS sources.

The Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS) describes and independently certifies animal welfare and land management practices in mohair fiber production and tracks the certified material from farm to final product.

I also commit to source 50% of my wool from RWS sources. The purchase of Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified products demonstrates demand for better animal welfare practices and responsible land management in the wool fiber supply chain.


The rest 50% of wool that I use has got different certificates. They confirm care for environment, animal welfare and social responsibility. All yarns are traceable what means it’s known exactly from what farm fibers come from. Sheeps are free from pain, stress, injury, malnutrition, physical and thermal discomfort and can exhibit natural behavior. Also all people who are involved in yarn production have decent working conditions. Wool comes from a local producers, in many cases creating a job opportunities for exclusive communities.


All mohair wool comes from angora goats living in South Africa where all standards for their good life are followed. Also silk that I use is cruelty free and it doesn’t harm silk moths as it does during conventional process of resourcing silk. 


All merino is non-superwashed which is a chemical process covering yarn with a very thin plastic membrane. Although that makes sweaters able to be machine-washed, this process causes damages in environment and in a result wool loses its properties. Considering that you won’t find any super-washed yarn in my offer. I use two kinds of merino listed below.

Merino from Patagonia

Some parts of merino wool that I use comes from Patagonia, where mulesing is not practiced. This yarn is soft, mat and thin. I knit it mostly among mohair-silk blend (look for mohair-silk & thin merino sweaters in my shop).

Merino from Spain

Other source of merino is based in Spain. This one is thicker than merino from Patagonia. Merino from Spain is sourced in traditional way on a happy farm of white and black (listed as endangered) merino sheeps. For this reason this yarn is offered in a limited palette of colors. When you look at this wool you might say it can not be more wooly. It is very so natural that you even might find tiny traces of grass in your sweater. Smell it and feel like you’re giving a hug to a sheep.


Wool is all coming from Spain from local farmers who care for their own herds as a family members. Similar to Spanish merino when it comes to its rustic and natural look. Unlike merino this wool is a blend of hair from multiple farms, mosty white sheep, nevertheless also in beautiful colors (partially undyed). By choosing this type of fiber you help Spanish yarn farmers prevent the collapse their natural market. Wool comes from their sheep is available in a normal and a chunky version.


Alpaca is sourced in Peru from farms that are run in sustainable and ethic way. I offer baby alpaca due to its extremal softness. That is why if you have very sensitive skin you might like to decide on this yarn. It doesn’t contain a lanolin, which is the most common reason of allergy for wool. Alpaca is a little heavier and 4 times warmer compering to other kinds of wool. In a touch it is very smooth and soft and when you look at it the alpaca sweater it has a flowing effect Overall baby alpaca is the most luxurious yarn that you can find in boWOOLę offer. 

boWOOLę knits special for you

I knit all sweaters to your order and in any size you wish. 

You can also choose what fiber you want. Check in my shop different options of mixing threads to find your favorite. And if you want to touch it before ordering sweater, you can get samples. Look for them in my shop.

“I loved it from the moment I saw it. Because I’m not a size 0, I did not want to go to a weddingdress store. I wanted something made for me especially because I was pregnant. The sweater makes me think of that beautiful day.”

– Maaike

buyer April 2017

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