How to take measurements

How to take measurements and why? I will be more than happy to make sweater fitted to your body. This way you can be sure sweater fits you perfectly and you will wear it with pleasure. To make it possible I need to know your measurements. Please follow a simple instruction how to take measurements and send them to me via e-mail. You may also do it easier – just click a button below to fill out a form and send it directly to me.

What to prepare to take measurements

  • measure tape
  • somebody kind to help you to measure
  • if you want sweater to be fitted to some specific piece of your wardrobe (for example your wedding dress), you can wear it while taking measurements – that way it might help you to decide about sweater length or depth of neckline

Relax and measure your body

First of all focus on your bust:

  • 1. bust – check a total circumference around your bust in a fullest part and write it down
  • 2. under bust – measure a total circumference just below your bust


  • 3. front waist length – take from the shoulder (next to the base of the neck) to the waistline, placing the tape over the bust
  • 4. waist – measure a total circumference around waist (narrowest part)

IF YOU CHOOSE SWEATER ENDS AT WAISTLINE SKIP STEPS 5. and 6. If you still don’t know what you choose check sweaters in my shop and get inspired.

Similar to steps 3 and 4 take:

  • 5. front total length – measure from the shoulder, over the bust and the waist, to the place you want your sweater to end (measurement similar to front waist length but longer)
  • 6. circumference around belly – check a total circumference at the place you want your sweater to end

  • 7. width of shoulder – find the bone at the shoulder (top of the arm) and measure towards base of the neck as far as you wish to have neckline

Let’s check measurements for sleeves:

  • 8. arm length – with the elbow slightly bent measure from the bone at the top of the arm to the wrist (for the full length sleeves) or shorter (for shorter sleeves)
  • 9. biceps – now take a total circumference in a fullest part of your arm
  • 10. wrist – and similar to biceps measure a total circumference in the wrist (or higher) in a place you want your sleeve ends

You are almost there! Now TURN AROUND AND MEASURE BACK:

  • 11. back waist length – take it from the center of the neck base to the center of the waistline
  • 12. width of back – measure width from the bone at the one shoulder to another

And the last one is

  • 13. depth of the neckline – place a tape on shoulder (next to the base of the neck) straight down toward breast and measure from the shoulder to the line you want the neckline ends (tape and the line are in a right angle)

NOTE: there are two different pictures illustrated this measurement – for round and v-shape neckline, so you choose only one

Good job! Now send your measurements to me

Get an editable form by clicking a button below or send measurements to me via email.

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